You shoudn’t keep
it to yourself


We are king's horses


King’s Horses are 4 people from Hull. Three quarters of which worked together
and quickly found out their love of playing music, so they did.

The last member was welcomed with open arms, open ears and huge shit-eating grins.

We’re creators, writers, designers, photographers, filmmakers and artists day-to-day, but love writing, recording and playing over everything else.
We like well-crafted song structures, fast and loose bangers with uncliched words.

We’d like you to listen to our music.

We want you to be impressed by our music.

We’d love you to see us play our music.

KH. X.


You shouldn't keep it to yourself

by King's Horses

You shouldn't keep it to yourself is King's Horses fourth single. The song is about anxiety and not having the ability to say what you really want too, no matter how important or profound it may be.

Included on the BBC introducing playlist of the year 2018 it was recorded and produced at Ivanhoe Studios by Mike Jessop.

"A perfect feeling of nostalgia mixed with a cracking chorus" Alan Raw - BBC Introducing